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Spotify control bar disappears when music gets paused

I nearly always have music playing bc of sensory things, and this was never a problem until I updated my software a little bit ago. Now, whether the music is manually paused or automatically paused (open a video on a separate app, open tiktok, etc) the control bar in the notications disappears. If I have headphones in or have Bluetooth controls through my car or earbuds, I can resume play using that and the control bar will pop back up. Otherwise, I have to go back into the Spotify app to restart my music. Again, this was never a problem before the software update, and I have all notification settings turned on, so I don't know why this is happening, but it's getting to be a frustrating. Also, this only happens with Spotify. If I play a song through Tumblr or a separate music player, the notification control bar lasts until I fully close out of the app.