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Cosmic Ray

Temporary Mute broken by August 2020 Security Updates

Before update Temporary Mute showed as option in top pull down menu.  It was readily accessible.  Now it is no longer easily accessible and only shows up when you put the phone in mute and only in the settings menu itself.  You set your time length, but then if you accidentally tap or hit the volume rocker including just to change media volume levels for music or other things, it just automatically disables the temp mute without a warning or anything. No icon shows in the status bar to show it is active at all anymore either.  You don't even know it's been disabled until all of a sudden the phone is blaring now.  I don't want do not disturb.  I need my notifications but need the temp mute function to work properly.  This is complete insanity and requires an immediate fix as it is causing severe issues for me, staff, and multiple others in the middle of business meetings, etc.  This is not OK.  
- Ibuddy66