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Terrible customer service

I have never been so dissatisfied with Samsung customer service. I sent my first S9 off three times to be repaired. The third time they sent me a new phone. My new phone was doing the same thing as my last so I sent it off at the end of April for another exchange. I called Thursday at 10 AM to see what was going on because I still hadn't received  my phone. I told the lady on the phone I wanted a refund. She said since I have been waiting over a month for an exchange they could do a refund. So I assumed they started the refund process. At 2 that afternoon I got an email saying my phone had been sent. How convenient after they approve a refund my phone gets sent. I call Samsung once again. They send me to a case manager. He told me when I receive my phone I need to call them. I will need to send my phone back and then they can start the refund process. I got my phone today, so I called Samsung and they told me they could not to the refund. I am so mad. This isn't the first time they've lied to me about things. They lied about certain dates just to get me off the phone. They first set my exchange up under the wrong ticket number. I'm beyond frustrated and I dont know who to call.