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Unlocked vs Carrier for Android Updates

Just out of curiousity. What is the reason for an unlocked device to be the last device to get an android update? Is there some kind of contract between Samsung and Carriers stating that all unlocked devices must be last in line for the Android update? If this is the case, then I would completely understand and will not give it another thought. However, if this isn't the case, then is Samsung thinking?? Does it make sense for an unlocked device to be the last for an update? Are you telling me the only benefit from getting an unlocked device is to avoid carrier bloatware?


Re: Unlocked vs Carrier for Android Updates

I believe there is such an agreement between Samsung and the carriers, though Samsung says it's because the update needs to be tested on each carrier's network (of course they're not going to admit to their customers they've made a back room deal that deprioritizes them). However, why is it the US market is the only one that requires all this. You don't hear that excuse in other markets, where if I'm not mistaken unlocked devices tend to get it as soon as Samsung approves it, just here in the US. Project treble should have made it even easier for the update process to conclude, though the unlocked varients are still at the mercy of the carriers schedule.