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(bluetooth) All media are silenced when I turn off car stereo

Hi, I have an S7 and I'm looking for a solution to the following problem: when I'm playing music over the bluetooth, and then I turn off my car's stereo system, the music is silenced and also all "media" sounds from my phone are instantly silenced as well.


The problem is, that there are several apps on my phone which send me important notifications which they stupidly mark as "media". I've complained about this and they refuse to change it.


Is there any way to have the media on bluetooth mode, and have the car stereos off, but to still have other apps play media using the phone speakers?


Edit: I have discovered, on a site named gadgethack, that some android phones have a setting called "separate app sound". That would be a perfect solution, but I dont think my phone has that setting.

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Re: (bluetooth) All media are silenced when I turn off car stereo

This sounds really strange. When you turn off your car's stereo system the bluetooth connection to the car should drop. Are you using some bluetooth device that pairs with your phone and then drives music to the car radio?

  • If so, you would need to turn off that device.
  • If not, it sounds like your car stereo is defective and keeping the bluetooth connection active  when off.

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