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connecting Galaxy S9 to PC via DeX via bluetooth

I have a samsung galaxy s9.
I have dex on my PC desktop.

I have bluetooth on both devices and they are paired when in range.
I can connect dex when i plug the phone into my PC via usb.
My PC and the phone ask permissions and i get the phone desktop displayed on my PC screen.
I want to connect DEX via bluetooth to my PC when it is in range.
I can send/receive files over bluetooth via Win10 on my PC but it is a painful process.
How can i get my PC dex to autorun when my phone is in range via bluetooth?

Product Expert

Re: connecting Galaxy S9 to PC via DeX via bluetooth

unfortunately DeX is not supported via bluetooth at this time.


the note 10 and new have introduced a new feature called link to windows which allows easy wireless file share from phone to windows 10.


however for your s9 i do recommend use of the google drive to wireless transfer to your computer.