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galaxy s9 car bluetooth can't play music clearly since update

it will only ever play a song for about one minute at the most then it always starts to sound like a skipping record.  the audio sounds crackly and inconsistent and makes liatening to any music completely impossible.  have cleared the log on both car and phone about  ten times each; rebooted phone a dozen times, toggled the bluetooth function 27 times, reset the network setttings a dozen times, even factory reset phone 8 times yet nothing makes it go away. NOTHING.  its beyond aggravating and ruins every commute to anyplace as i am forced to drive in silence as im not exposing myself to the ad-riddled, corporate friendly, media influenced nightmare that IS terrestrial radio. how can this still be a freaking issue?? Samsung should've taken care this months ago but it has only gotten worse. i also read that Samsung is trying to pass the blame to the car claimung the car isn't capable to handle the new 5.0 frim-fram doo-dad but asking more than a few car professionals that is not the case. anyone else?? some freaking updates samsung.....nothing but problems.  also, almost forgot that the song randomly changes by itself recently or will just flat out turn off the music app on its own. hate this and am eager to have these corporate clowns actually fix it and stop blaming everything else and just own it and fix it like any reputable business would do; although i bet a reliable company wouldn't have launched an update if there were any problems with it and if some arose they'd have been addressed already.