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new phone from new carrier dont know if my battery is good

hi I had trouble with my previous carrier and I wanted to change phone number also so I changed carrier and got a s9 I was comming from a s8 but I find that the battery life was better on my old s8 so is there anything  I can do cause I am not sure here are some screenshot of last night usages Screenshot_20190716-223509_Settings.jpg




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Re: new phone from new carrier dont know if my battery is good

From what i see you have amazing battery life 1 day 17hours of battery wow if you want to save more i would go into device care and select the battery then the 3 dots in the top right corner then select settings and scroll down to sleeping apps and add every app that you dont want to run in the background i keep social media music and weather apps out of sleeping so they keep updating and everything else will close once you leave the app 

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