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no call reception, no problem with data

A couple months ago, immediately after an update, my Galaxy S9 plus stopped receiving or making calls, right down town Owensboro!  If I get outside the downtown area, it's ok.  Data signal is fine everywhere as normal.  The incoming calls go directly to VM, outgoing calls just vibrate and fail, drop.  I've heard of at least one other person having the same issue.  I called 611 and they suggested I go to the store and get another SIM.  The store told me that wouldn't fix it and there is some sort of Samsung update that happened and they've had several with this problem.  After months of waiting, and dealing with this, I decided to troubleshoot.  I received a new phone at work for an employee.  It's an unlocked S10 plus.  Before setting it up for the user, I put my SIM card in it.  IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!

So I decided to do a factory reset on my S9 plus.  This helped nothing.  


Is there a fix for this problem!!?


Please help!  I'm about to go back to my Motorola and never buy Samsung again!