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not have full support for the Ukrainian language

Screenshot_20200623-221504_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20200623-221408_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20200623-210155_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20200623-210228_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20200623-210254_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20200623-210414_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20200623-210514_Samsung capture.jpgScreenshot_20200623-210600_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20200623-210719_SoundAlive.jpgScreenshot_20200623-210819_Settings.jpg

When do I install Ukrainian, the settings menu is not completely translated, somewhere by 50%, the other 50% remain in English. The main problem in the settings menu. There is also a problem in the notification panel. There are no problems with installed and base applications.  Is it possible to make a full translation of the menu into Ukrainian? Maybe I need to download and install some file / program / application?