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A few thoughts about regress in general

(Topic created on: 4/17/21 2:57 PM)
Galaxy Watch
Every new upgrade removes some functionality and adds new bugs. I've been a loyal customer for years, but I seriously think of removing this company from my list.

A few years ago a new watch furmware started killing battery in S3 and the watch got bricked. Before update the battery was holding for over 2.5 days, after - 4 hours ish.

Same old watch was counting the floors... until the first update. Samsung fixed it by imposing a higher number of feet per floor and killed this feature. The recent upgrade of a new watch killed auto lock.

Long time ago we had iR remote control in the top phones. It's gone. But in general all the devices are getting more and more expensive. I can provide more examples of nevervtedred bugs and removed features, greatly loved by users before they disappeared.

The pervious version of wearable app was showing the battery consumption in my watch by app, it's gone!

Keep doing that and you will lose all loyal customersike myself and many others. 
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