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A solution to Galaxy Active 2 overheating that works!

(Topic created on: 4/11/21 12:52 PM)
Galaxy Watch


As many people on this forum, I have a galaxy active 2 that overheats and drains the batter when charging. I have a solution that actually works!  I have automated plugs in my house so I plugged the watch charger into one of these plugs.  I then cycled the plug, 1 hour on and 5 hours off.  The watch keeps a full charge and I have not received the overheat method since doing this.  If you do not have automated plugs, I suspect even a mechanical timer timer would work.  I also suspect you could tweak the cycle time to keep the watch even cooler.

I know it is a bit of a kludge, but until samsung does something this is my work around.


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