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AT&T numbersync for wearables

I have absolutely loved the Gear S2 and now Gear S3 Frontier for  fact that with or with out my phone I can still get calls and text. I love that the texts and calls on my watch vibrate to aleart me when my phone is in silent mode in meetings....or so I did....Suddenly it will not stay connected to my phone/numbersync. Calls and text do not come through if numbersync is turned off. I never turn it off but since the latest software update on the note9 it turns itself off. sometimes repeatedly all day long sometimes it'll stay connected for a week. I have been on the phone with at&t repeatedly. They have reset the phone and the watch, reconnected them each several times. Now they are telling me it's a samsung issue. The watch is essentiallay an overpriced fitbit without numbersync. Can you please fix this issue?