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About to jump ship permanently!

I am ready to jump ship permanently from Samsung. 


I was one of the lucky customers who was a part of the Note 7 burn-up debacle. I waited several phone models for Samsung to get <edit> together and decided in September of 2019 I would buy the Note 10+.


I patiently waited for the technology and the release of the Galaxy Active Watch 2 and bought that 10/2019.


During covid-19, while isolated at home for four months, I didn't wear the watch.  I just started wearing it again the back is now loose and looks like it's going to come off (it swivels around). Mind you, I have never showered in this watch. I have never swam in this watch.  I barely wash dishes in this watch.


I have biked (sweated while exercising) with this watch and that was the whole reason I got it!  I purchased it for two reasons: so I can make phone calls on it (I spent the extra $$$ and bought the LTE version) and so I could monitor my heart rate while cycling.


I was considering buying the new Galaxy Note 20, but with this and seeing all of the comments by other customers,  about the warranty for this active watch (that it is not covered) is making me disgusted!


Samsung will you please repair this watch ASAP? This is completely unacceptable for the amount of money that I've invested in your company to have you telling customers it's no longer under warranty or you wore it in water. 


It's a water water safe watch! The advertising said wear it in the water while you swim!!! 


Please do right by this debacle or I will never buy another SAMSUNG product again. I will join the class action lawsuits and blast you on social media wherever I can.


That is not a threat, that is how I genuinely feel about your company right now! I'm so disappointed!!! 



Sorry for the long run-on post but this is just ridiculous!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: About to jump ship permanently!

Please send a private message with the full model code, the IMEI number and an image of the back of the watch so I may look into this for you.

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