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Active 2 Watch is a disappointment

(Topic created on: 2/5/21 11:14 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I purchased the Active 2 May 2, 2020, so it's not even a year old.  Lately, the watch will show 60% battery life at the beginning of a workout that I start.  After I turn off the workout, within an hour the watch is completely dead.  Now, the battery will also not last a full day or even overnight.   Fully charged at 100% just prior to bedtime, upon waking, it's completely dead.  No changes in apps have been made, all recommendations to have battery life last longer is set up in settings, so there should be no reason for such a drastic change in battery life.  Especially less than a year old. Conducted a factory reset twice and no improvements.  Samsung manufacture warranty is no longer valid.  I purchased a 2 year protection plan through Best Buy but will most likely end up with a refurbished watch.  VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!  Will be looking into a completely different device ....  a Garmin.  Love your phones and ear buds but the watch HORRIBLE!

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