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Active 2 contacts & Bixby

I just got my Active 2 a couple of days ago and am liking it so far, but struggling with certain settings.  Top problem involves Bixby, which seems to work ok for most things like setting reminders and alarms.  It struggles with dialing my contacts though, the most important one being my wife.  When I ask it to dial her, I see her name pop up on the screen, then Bixby proceeds to tell me it can't fina the contact.  I open Contacts on the watch and sure enough, there she is.  I did read a couple of workarounds here on the forum involving phonetic spelling and nicknames and routines and such, but seriously.  If the contact is there, why can't Bixby find it?  I can't believe spelling is an issue since the name shows up correctly before Bixby comes back with the "can't find" response.


Re: Active 2 contacts & Bixby


Have you tried a phonetic spelling or nickname to see if that helps! Still interested to know if that helps.


You may also try resetting Bixby:

Reset Bixby to restore it to the default settings.

From the watch's Home screen, press the Power key, and then swipe to and tap Bixby. Tap More options (the three vertical dots), and then swipe to and tap Reset Bixby. Tap the checkmark to confirm the reset, and then Bixby will restore to its default settings and the app will close. Next, open Bixby again and follow the prompts to complete the setup.



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