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Active 2 distance tracker WAY off after update

(Topic created: 07-13-2021 02:27 PM)
Galaxy Watch

So i'm a pretty regular runner.  I've been running the same route for quite some time..  after a recent software update, the distance tracked by the gps in the active watch 2 is WAY off.  

The same route that i've been running at a distance of 10 miles only tracks to 9.  This is because the gps is tracking a mile at around 1.1 miles.

If my average pace is steady around 9:20 to 9:30 per mile for a solid hour and a half, then why would my time per mile track to 10:15?

Simple.  The distance is wrong.  This is very frustrating and extremely distracting for longer training sessions.  Please fix this.



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