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Active 2 ecg ๐Ÿ˜–

I am done with Samsung.  I have bought too many of their products.  Just bought  a QLED 60 65" TV  with a sound bar, A QLED Q80 48", TWO PHONES-S10, A WASHER DRYER COMBO, and a the Active 2 Watch.  Every item has had something wrong. I bought the active 2 watch to monitor my HEART.... STILL WAITING.....NO MORE SAMSUNG  PRODUCTS for me.  Too many disappointments


Re: Active 2 ecg ๐Ÿ˜–

I sold my galaxy s10 phone, fingerprint scanner was horrible amoung other things. TV had lines after 1 year. Active 2 watch was $600, was told it was going to get ecg a long time ago, didn't happen, samsung wont comment on their website for answers. The watch kept on over heating, sent it back & had the battery, board and back replaced. Theres plenty of watches ebay for aprox $25 which have temperature, ecg, blood ox, heart rate, and others. I have tested my watch with the doctors, and it works great. The quality and service is a joke, the only thing that's premium is the price they charge you. I'm getting rid of all samsung products, to unreliable for top $$. If you need an answer, just throw the product out, you won't find answers here.