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Active 2 -> Very bad product

Hello Samsung, 

It is the end of my Samsung life... I had all your phones (S5, S7, S8(amazing), S10 and now S20.

I got the Active Watch and now Active 2 (will not upgrade to 3...).

Why my very bad title, because this watch is just having too many bugs even on the last firmware. Is there any testing? 

Issues: (from worst to OK...)

- GPS, if you launch Samsung health or a sport tracker while your watch is connect via Bluetooth to a phone, it resets the GPS of the watch and when you connect without your phone the it takes between 3-5 MINUTES to know where you are. You prepare yourself for a run, you go out and then you have to keep your wrist up 5 min to get a GPS signal is just a joke for a ACTIVE watch. If you get GPS, then next time it is quick ONLY if you don't get the GPS signal from your watch, otherwise 5 min of fun!

- Samsung Health and Strava doesn't syncronise OR you get the wrong speed between both. Samsung get it right on their app, when they sync with Strava, some data gets badly sent and Strava believes you are the fastest person on earth. Honestly, what is hard to get sync fast and also precise. It is a bloody api that is easy to program. Samsung do some sports with your own stuff and you will understand the issue!

- Spotify app (even if not directly you) get issues to launch. Time to time there are no way to get the app running on offline mode. You have to reboot the watch and if you are outside waiting to go running it really  annoys you big time before waiting 5 min for the f?#$@ GPS...

- Why to allow to change main watch faces with just a long press? It sometimes changes without me wanting simply because my front face just touches my wet jacket or anything else. You should have a option to disable and only change from setting as most people don't change every day or just the first week of usage...

- make a deal with Google please. Your Bixby is simply not (and will never) work. Why, I don't know but honestly it is a joke for such a big company. 

- Bluetooth, before the last update it was fine, now, it is very hard to connect to my Bluetooth headset. I need to go to settings, Bluetooth, Bluetooth device and then click 2x on my device to get it connected. Before the update, just get the top menu down and click the bluetooth headset and it got connected. I did repair it to see if it get fixed but nothing... 


Here it is, this is my last Samsung watch and probably my last phone because you really don't care about getting the software that people want. You own the Tizen OS of this watch so you cannot blame anyone.

Bye Samsung and good luck.