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Active 2 reminder won't sound/vibrate when screen is off

Hi All,


The wearable is a 42mm Active 2, non-LTE version.  All soft/firmware on the latest versions.


Have you experienced the Reminder app did not sound/vibrate when the watch was screen off?


e.g. I have set a reminder at 10.30.  The sound/vibrate came at 10.37,  or when I moved my wrist and the screen was on at 10.32 when the Reminder was awakened to provide the alert.


Unlike the Alarm which always alerts on time, I suspected the Reminder was not actively tracking the time.  Which makes it practically no use for me because I have missed a few meetings time. The problem with the Alarm is its limited 20 entries, and deleting the past alarm is not as convenient as the Reminder.


I have reinstalled the Apps on the phone and reset the watch.  No improvement so far.


Thanks for your guidance.