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Active 2 repair

(Topic created: 09-05-2021 02:16 PM)
Galaxy Watch
Purchased my 1st Samsung Watch in May of this year.  It got stuck in that reboot loop and of course they say it is due to water damage.  The cost to fix was almost $220. When talking to customer service I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager. I was told they were not allowed to transfer calls.  I then tell the rep to cancel the work order and to send the watch back to me.  The watch is sent back to me taped with scotch tape. Then as I am peeling the tape away,  it opens up the a pocket watch.  It was sent to the RSI service center in Irving,  TX.  Call back to Samsung about this current issue and they want me to send it back in again.  I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager again and this time I was told they could request for me to get a call back.  

Any suggestions?!?!?



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