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Active 2 touch screen issues

(Topic created: 10-18-2021 06:54 PM)
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Another active 2 with this same issue. Out of warranty of course. Could it be a software issue or that Samsung would rather us upgrade to the new one? I only suggest this due to the number of active 2 watch owners experiencing this same issue. I'm not going to pay to have it repaired when in all honesty, there are too many cases of the same issue for it to be a fluke. Something is obviously wrong here. I've reset and factory reset already with no luck. Any tips that may help are welcome. Come on Samsung, what's the deal?

Marco Contreras
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Galaxy Watch
Mine became painfully slow after 4 months. It was laggy right out of the box. I did a trade in for the new watch 4 and it's much better. I guess that's what they want lol