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Active 2 watch overheats and shuts down

(Topic created: 08-29-2021 09:30 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I bought the Samsung active 2 watch last Christmas and when I wear it as a standalone it overheats.  If I exercise in it (including just walking with and without streaming music) it over heats and shuts down multiple times.  If i make a phone call with it it overheats and shutdowns.  I've taken it back for servicing twice and the last time they said nothing  was wrong with it.  I've reset the watch multiple times and it doesn't make a difference.  If it's not designed to run as a stand alone, samsung shouldn't advertise it as that and they shouldn't provide an LTE version .  If I had known this I never would have bought one.  It's a waste of money and I'm extremely disappointed.   Apple watches don't overheat.  I've had many and that never happens.  

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