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Active 2 watch samsung health excessive drain

(Topic created: 05-23-2021 09:03 AM)
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I have both an active and an active 2 watch paired with a Samsung s20 fe phone. I first saw this problem on my active 1, battery drain that sapped its life from 2.5 days down to under one. I assumed it was just a battery going bad so I went ahead and ordered an active 2, thinking that a new product would resolve my issue. Nope. The new watch, fully charged, discharges in under 11 hours. Samsung health seems to be to blame. I have seen solutions from people who just say "oh disable it!" But that's insane, I use this watch primarily for the features that app provides! Sleep tracking, hr tracking, workouts, etc. If I disable the core functions of the watch why even have it in the first place?? There has to be another solution.

I have already attempted a factory reset on both watches, no joy. I even reset my phone.

I never use AOD.

I have updated all software and apps to their latest version

Attached is Samsung health battery usage, by app, it has been off the charger under two hours and is already down to 80 percent.


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I can only say, you're right, Samsung health when operating properly hardy uses 20 mAh per charge