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Active 2 watch screen not working

(Topic created: 10-20-2021 10:44 AM)
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My active Watch 2 seems to have gotten a mind of it's own. Monday evening removed the watch and placed on the charger. Picked it up on Tuesday Morning placed it on my wrist only to discover that the screen is unresponsive to my touch. The side buttons continue to function but it would appear that the watch is receiving phantom touches as it will jump in and out of apps change the watch face on its own. I have rebooted the watch several times in the last few days to no avail it continues to have these same problems. Once in a great while it will register some touch on the screen but only in certain areas and other times I have no screen touch recognition. The watch is totally unusable at the moment. I have searched through and found many of threads with no real solutions other than the advice to open a ticket for repair with Samsung.  I have never swam with this watch the most it has gotten wet is from splashes of washing hands. I purchased this watch in Nov 2019 so it is out of warranty I believe it has never been dropped and has been babied all of its existence. Has anyone actually gotten this repaired if so what was the price and the root cause? I dont want to spend the amount it would cost to replace the watch with a brand new watch. Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide.


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I had the same issue. Mine was out of warranty as well and most of the threads I read said Samsung was claiming it as water damage. Someone on reddit said they put theirs in rice. That fixed it for me.

It's a bit ridiculous that the watch can get damaged like this when it's supposed to be used for working out (including swimming). Now I try to be extra careful when washing my hands (sometimes I take my watch off). And when I sweat a lot during a workout, I try to wipe the watch off whenever I take a water break.