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Active 2 watch touch screen stopped reading input

(Topic created: 10-03-2021 08:32 PM)
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So, looks like there's a plethora of other people having the same problem with their Galaxy watch Active 2.


Same symptoms:

-Watch will randomly read 'ghost' inputs and will just spazm all over the place opening random applications and what not

-Bezel touch will not read properly

-Eventually the entire touch screen stops responding.


I've had this watch for a little over a year now (hmmmmm, isn't that convenient) and just today it did all of the above. All resets, restored backups, etc do nothing to solve the issue. The touch screen is completely dead now and I can't initiate use in any way other than the two side buttons.


I'm assuming I'm S.O.L. as it's out of warranty, but at this point I'm angry and immensely disappointed that something like this happens on a 350$ product that appears to be widespread enough to see multiple posts with the exact same issue, and no resolution other than to send it to them, for what I am assuming, is going to be a costly repair on my dime.


Hoping to hear something other than the canned response I've seen on so many of the other posts I've seen for this very issue.



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Galaxy Watch
Same thing is happening with my active 2