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Active2 Watch Back sensor came off during a swim and now the watch wont start on

(Topic created on: 1/19/21 11:41 PM)
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I have had my Active2 watch for a little over a year (14 months to be precise) - putting it just out of warranty and the back sensor of the watch came off while i was in water.  the back sensor had fallen off, stuck on my wrist when i came out of the pool.  Extremely disappointed.....disappointed enough that I'm finally sure that I am never purchasing another Samsung Product EVER. I went to the service centre, and they have quoted me a whopping SGD 496 to repair the watch. I got this watch for SGD 550 14 months back. 

Useless device, just adding to electronic waste on earth. 

You dont invest in a smartwatch thinking it will last you a year, but thats the attitude i got from the service centre when I argued that I diligently follow all the steps given for using the watch in the pool. They even accepted that I was not the first case reported with the back sensor falling off due to the contact with body sweat. 

this is the engineering expected from Samsung. 



You will be out of your 500$ with just over a year! 

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