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Active2 watch stopped responding

(Topic created: 06-22-2021 08:12 AM)
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Update from last post:   I spoke with Tech support again and was provided the same solutions as indicated below.  My warranty had expired by 2 mos and still, pay $220 for a 3 or a minimum of $81 to have it repaired.  After getting nowhere, I was told that a manager named "Ron" would call me back.  That never happened, it has been 2 weeks.   I am missing my active 2 terribly and all of the health apps.  i was using the ECG daily for health reasons but I will never buy another Samsung watch based on their response. I should add that we are a Samsung house. Tv, washer/dryer, refrigerator,  3 tablets. 2 phones.   As our other devices and appliances get to the point of replacement we will not replace with Samsung unless they make this right.  We purchased a new 65" TV last weekend. Not a Samsung. They should be ashamed of how they are handling this faulty watch.   



I called samsung tech support today as my Active2 watch stopped working properly.  The App buttons are not responding.   The apps will activate randomly without me prompting them.   The notifications continue to come through and run down my battery extremely quickly.  There is a major bug in the software.   

After troubleshooting for a bit i was told that I could have my 2 replaced with a Samsung 3 for only $220  which is about what I paid for the active 2 watch at Costco.  So my active 2 stops working after 1.5 years and the best offer I get is to pay full price to get a 3???   I said, "well, that's not really a good deal and not the solution I was expecting".   So, my other option is to pay $81 to have it repaired which is about 1/3 of the original price.   This is not an acceptable offer.  If I cannot get the watch performing at it's original level I will toss it and will never buy another samsung watch again.    

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