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Adding Android Phone Widgets as Complications in WatchMaker on Wear OS via Wearable Widgets

(Topic created: 10-13-2021 06:15 AM)
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Samsung's change to Wear OS for the Watch 4 has given me to opportunity to imbed my favorite phone widgets into my custom watch faces!

Please note that I am not affiliated with Samsung or any of the apps that I have mentioned below. I am just an enthusiastic consumer!

One of the many reasons that I chose Android as my preferred smartphone platform was the ability to place widgets on the home screen. I treat my home screen as a situational awareness dashboard; primarily populated with weather related widgets.

Of those widgets, I have two clear favorites:
- Rain Alarm Pro 1x1
- My Radar Ad Free

I like custom watch faces and I've used WatchMaker for many years to create/use the watch faces that I want to use. Wearable Widets allowed me to create a tile with my favorite widgets or use their (boring!) watch face. With Samsung's change to Wear OS, it has given me to opportunity to imbed my favorite phone widgets using Wearable Widgets into my custom WatchMaker watch face as Wear OS complications.

Now I can see everything I need from a quick glance at the phone without having to open a watch app, rotate through watch tiles or dig out my phone! If I want more information, I can tap on the complications to open the watch version of My Radar.

Wearable Widgets (phone and watch)
WatchMaker (phone and watch)
Any app that may have a widget you want

WatchMaker (phone)
Edit your watch face to add the complications, configure and place them on the screen where you want them to appear. Send the update to the watch. The order you add them correlates to their complication # in the watch face setting.

WatchMaker (watch)
Long-press in an area that does not have a tap action.
Tap Configure, then tap the settings icon.
Scroll to and tap Complications, then tap on Default.
Tap the # of the complication to set.
Scroll past all of the other complications to the bottom where is shows the Wearable Widgets icon and says Phone Widgets.
Scroll through the selection of phone widgets and choose your desired widgets. You may need to provide additional input via your phone at this point, but the watch will tell you if that is necessary.
Return to your watch face by pressing the home key.


I realize that my watch face is busy/cluttered. I use the phone and watch for at-a-glance situational awareness... Since I made it just for me, I know where to look for the information I need and I like it.  I mainly wanted to show how the imbedded widgets are leveraged.

Enjoy!Capture 3.pngCapture.JPGCapture2.JPG


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Looks great, but sounds a little too complicated for me