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After OS update, Watch WAY off on calorie burn, but not always. Walk exercise resets calorie burn 2

After the recent update, I have had days where my Galaxy Watch will say I've burned 20-30 THOUSAND calories, instead of the 2000-3000 I would expect on any given day. I can't figure out for the life of me why it started doing this. It happened about a week after the last OS update for the watch for the first time, then didnt happen again for about a week, so at first I chocked it up to a fluke, but it has gotten worse, where now most days it detects incorrectly (it says I've burned 9675 calories @ 2:20p where I am...DEFINITELY didn't, even with 2 workouts under my belt today (those are reporting 129 calories and 598 calories, about what I'd expect). Both the watch and the app report the massively incorrect calorie burn. I don't use certain other wearables because they are a joke when it comes to estimating calorie burn, but this flaw is making those look like nothing....its estimating calorie burn 10k more than even those! Its as if the app catches its messed up calculation sometimes, as occasionally it will be way high, I will sync with the phone manually, and it will put itself back to a normal level. This is not the norm though when its happening, usually they just both read super high.

I also noticed that whenever I use a walk exercise, the calories burned will reset back to 0 after an hour or so on the watch (it appears to be ok in the app itself after syncing though).


Are these known issues, and are they being addressed?