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Any way to turn off automatic power saving?

I have noticed that if I'm not active "enough" (according to Samsungs standard) the watch desides that I'm not allowed to have my Always On Display "ON". The AOD mode is still enabled but gesture activation or button clicks turns the AOD on only for 5 minutes at a time. Then the display is black again. This 5 minute cycle is very repeatable. When I check the Samsung health log I can see a high correlation with the watch thinks I have slept, but I was either working at a computer or watching TV.


Could Samsung rep try to find out if there is anything I can switch on or off so that my decision of AOD  is not overriden by the watch SW (only because I wasn't working out)?

I tried denying the energy saving in system apps access to sensors, but that didn't do it.

(All SW on the Galacy Watch and phone are updated.)