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Anyone else having issues receiving sms on LTE model watch??

(Topic created: 09-08-2021 02:08 PM)
Galaxy Watch

So for the last few weeks I’ve been without my stand alone Samsung watch. Issue being it only receives texts when it’s connected via Bluetooth to my razr 5G… I’ve called T-Mobile dozens of times and now they’re saying it’s a known issue and they are working with Samsung to get it fixed.. my dad is having the same issue  he has the galaxy active 2 like myself and he has it paired through digits with his note 20… is anyone else having this issue? When will it be fixed? And since we pay 10+ a month for digits and can’t even use it as a stand alone device since we don’t get texts whats T-Mobile doing to rectify the situation??? I have seen anyone post about it so I figured I’d ask 

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