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Back sensor fell off- poor build for an active watch

(Topic created on: 5/3/21 10:02 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I have had my Active 2 for less then 2 years. The back glass simply detached....no more adhesive. How do you design an ACTIVE smart watch, one that is supposed to help you track things like physical activity, and use subpar adhesive? So now I can send it back to Samsun for repair, but at what cost to me? I'm so mad that the watch isn't wearable right now. I've seen other posts about the back glass coming off and people asking "did it get wet?", "did you work out in it". That's the whole point- it's an ACTIVE watch, you are supposed to be able to work out in it. And it should last longer than 15 months. Bad build, Samsung! At least provide repair kits or replacement parts with the adhesive at a minimal charge. Customers shouldn't have to pay for an expensive smart watch and then pay to have it repaired due to poor build. If I had known about this issue prior to buying it, I wouldn't have bought it. 

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