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Bezel Came Off..

I have a 46mm Galaxy Watch and the rotating bezel popped off in which the 4 tiny ball bearings came out along with the little springs that it has.  The watch is not broker, its merely the bezel popped off.  I was told warranty would not cover this after I had sent it in and Samsung told me I would have to pay $250 for a new LCD screen!!!  There is no issue with the LCD screen and I am not paying 2/3 the price I paid for the watch for an unnecessary repair.  So, I will repair it myself, right?  I was given Samsungs parts facility to call and what was I told?  THEY DONT SELL THOSE PARTS!  So now I am stuck in a rock and a hard place and Samsung has been ZERO help with helping fix this problem.  I have been a fan of Samsung products for my entire life but this issue and how it is being handled makes me want to throw out every Samsung product I have.  Does anyone else have a solution seeing Samsung could care less about a customer??





Re: Bezel Came Off..

Hi Brother (or Sister),


I had the same problem  and Samsung is unable/unwilling to assist.  But I found a European solution.  You will have to buy the fix in Euro (about $10 USD) plus shipping but it is what you need for the bezel to remain in place.  I have attached a link to a supplier of the Bezel Gasket and springs you need to fix!


Let me  know if you have any questions.