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Blood Pressure Monitor on Galaxy Watch 3 with Non-Samsung Android

I recently upgraded to the new LGV60 vs upgrading to the Galaxy S20 as the LG had more features I liked & I upgraded my Gear S3 to the Galaxy Watch 3. However, now that the FDA has cleared the Blood Pressure Monitor feature to be turned on I am just now finding out that it only works on Samsung devices, and no other Androids. Does anyone know a loophole around this where I don't have to jailbreak either device. Does Samsung plan to support this feature in other Androids in the future? As one of the top selling smart watches in the world I would imagine they would want their features to work across as many devices as possible.


Re: Blood Pressure Monitor on Galaxy Watch 3 with Non-Samsung Android

This is really ridiculous!  The Galaxy Watch 3 was marketed and released as having ECG and Blood Pressure monitoring.  It was, initially, released with neither - despite having FDA approval for the ECG.  Now the ECG has been released, in the US, but only to Samsung phones.  Nowhere did it say that this would only be available on Samsung phones.  I have a Pixel, because I want pure Android - I can't stand all the junk that Samsung puts into the Android image they push on their users.   If we, as non-Samsung phone users, are not going to get ECG and BP then we should be compensated financially for the lack of functionality and deceptive marketing by the company.