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BlueToot Pairing

So I bought the Galaxy Active II on Saturday.  Had initial issues pairing with my phone.  Bluetooth would go off and on and off and on, and it wouldn't stay connected, and that of course KILLED the battery.


So I reset the watch, and then it seemed to pair better and stay connected.  Great!  Much better, happier.  Then I went to my car, and the watch being paired to the phone meant my car could not pair to the phone.  I know there are limitations with bluetooth, but I used to have a fitbit, and I was always able to have that on, paired to my phone, AND my car would pair fine.  

I don't see any options to fix this, and if it was just media, that would be one thing, but calls are important and you don't want to have to be fiddling with a phone in a car.  

Is there any solution to this?  If not, I am very disappointed, I left fitbit because I wasn't impressed with the charge 3 it died after less than a year.  This watch had great reviews.  Also, the battery life is not nearly what is listed, even with bluetooth working to the phone.  After a day, I am at 45%, no way is it going to make 4 days, let alone 5.