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Bluetooth Connection To Galaxy Buds+

I have went through multiple discussions on here and none have resolved the issues I am having. I am very frustrated with Samsung and their lack of support for the Galaxy Watch. I have been a loyal fan since the Note 2 and have had every Note phone and table they have put out. I have also had the Galaxy Buds and now have the Galaxy Buds+.


That being said, my Galaxy Buds+ continue to drop connection from my Galaxy Watch when I have them connected. During a 3 mile run they will drop at least 20 times. This isn't a buds issue because my old pair of Galaxy Buds do the same thing when connected to my watch. The firmware is updated on all of my devices and, yes, I have "reset" all of my devices multiple times in hopes that this would resolve. 


Galaxy Watch is in need of an update ASAP yet Samsung has been ignoring it. I am considering going to a different smart watch to get away from this mess.


Any help or ideas, other than "reset your devices" would be greatly appreciated.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Bluetooth Connection To Galaxy Buds+

Hello, Does your watch drop it's connection to other devices as well?