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Bluetooth Earbud Connection Stutters with Galaxy Watch Active2 while Outside

(Topic created: 07-06-2021 07:18 AM)
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Hello Samsung community,

I have a Galaxy Watch Active2 which I use while working out, mainly for running. One of the reasons I purchased this watch was because I like to run outdoors, and one of the advertised features of the watch is its ability to store music and stream to earbuds while exercising. After I pair my earbuds with the watch and head outside, I start playing music and it constantly stutters while walking, running, or just standing still. I wear the watch on my left wrist.

It doesn't happen when I'm inside. If I move my wrist closer to my ears, it works better. Putting the watch on my right wrist helps somewhat, but it still stutters, and this isn't an ideal location for me.

I've tried three different sets of earbuds, from Samsung and another brand, and the problem persists. I tried a family member's Galaxy Watch Active2, and hers has the same problem. I've also tried different music formats, which didn't help. I even factory reset the watch, which had no effect.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a solution. Thank you!

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