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Bluetooth disconnect alert sound, not just vibrate

(Topic created on: 1/24/21 6:28 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Watch

I have a Galaxy Watch 3 (06DC) SM-R800 46mm connecting to my Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone via bluetooth.


I can configure my phone to produce an audible alert when the watch is no longer BT connected, but I am not able to configure an audible alert on the watch.

On my watch, I have Sound Mode set to Sound, Ringtone and Notification set with sounds plus vibrate.  I have Bluetooth Disconnect alerts set to ON.


When my watch moves out of bluetooth range of the phone, the phone will produce an audible alert, but my watch only vibrates.


I would like the watch to also produce an audible alert if it goes out of bluetooth range of the phone.   It would help to realize if I've left my phone somewhere as I'm leaving a place.


Is there any way to have the watch produce a SOUND on Bluetooth Disconnection alert, not just a vibration?



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