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Bring back seconds in AOD mode ASAP!

(Topic created on: 4/2/21 7:24 AM)
Galaxy Watch

What's the point of a clock that does not display seconds when selecting AOD? I bought my Galaxy Watch 3 because it is not as rigid as the Apple Watch. I work as a train conductor and are very dependent on always seeing seconds on the clock. Hope Samsung takes its customers seriously and reverses the removal of seconds in AOD mode. I can see there are several requests about this topic. 
Thanks in advance. 
Regards, Tom

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Galaxy Watch

Agreed. They could have simply made it an option -- and they can do it still. I use it in healthcare, and the workaround of disabling Gesture Wake and making the screen stay awake 5 min after each button press makes it more usable, but I find that I'm using 15-25% more battery than when I had AOD seconds and Gesture Wake (thus enabling me to keep the minimum screen wake time). Such a dumb regression, really soured me on the watch.

FWIW, it looks like it's hitting the LTE models last: it got to my Active 2 (LTE) because they omitted the change from the Update Notes; the pending update for my Galaxy Watch (LTE) won't be installed, because I'm sure they'll take away the AOD seconds.

Galaxy Watch

This is the dumbest modification ever made in the wear ecosystem. What came upon them? How am I supposed to count pulse and the seconds simultaneously? Does anyone know if there's an alternative to this watch that has seconds on AOD?

Why outright remove something which clearly didn't cause any issues with the watch? Is it possible to downgrade the firmware?