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Buggy Galaxy Active 2 watch paired with horrible customer service

(Topic created on: 4/22/21 1:12 PM)
Galaxy Watch
This watch is showing buggy behavior. The screen of my Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has stopped responding to touch input. It is stock on the pattern lock screen and is automatically inputting so that I keep getting the message "Release your finger" even though I'm not even touching it.

Apps seem to be working because I am still getting notifications. The buttons on the side are still working as well. I've tried rebooting by pressing the power button, draining the battery completely, and factory reset. 

This watch is just a year old. I have found that others are having the same issues after installing the latest update, but I have not been able to find a solution to the problem. I've also tried calling customer service several times but the calls keep getting disconnected and I'm tired of being on hold. 

Buggy watch paired with horrible service -- unless someone can help me fix this issue, I think it's time for me to cut ties with all Samsung products in the future. 

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