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Call screen delayed pop-up on watch

(Topic created: 03-24-2024 02:57 PM)
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Galaxy Watch
Every time I receive a call, my phone starts vibrating and my watch does after it. I understand the latency limitations of bluetooth but, the caller name and answer screen doesnt pop up for another 5 seconds or so. Every time. It is gets really annoying when it is vibrating telling me im being called, but the screen doesnt even show it! This happened on my Galaxy Watch4 and still happens on my Galaxy Watch5 Pro.
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Galaxy Watch

This definitely could be fixed with software but it could also be a limitation of the throughput of data that can be transmitted over the bluetooth connection. There are alot of things that need to happen within the phone and watch (wearable app wake up from the background, ping the watch, watch has to respond back and open whatever processes are required for ringing the watch + fetching caller id) all while sleeping the rest of the time to get reasonable battery life. It's amazing technology, just make it faster.