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Can not make calls with Bixby with Galaxy Watch 4

(Topic created: 09-17-2021 09:52 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I am finding making calls with Bixby on the Watch 4 very painful.

Whenever I try to make a call with "Call <name>", the watch replies with "Calling <X> on their mobile phone", then ALWAYS asks me if I want to make the call on the phone or the watch. What is worse is there is no voice prompt, it is two buttons, so its impossible to interact with when driving.

- I can find no settings anywhere to tell Bixby to default to the phone or the watch
- I tried explicitly saying "Call <name> on watch" and "Call <name> on phone, Bixby doesn't understand either expression.

HELP PLEASE. Making calls is a core function of a smart watch and right now is completely unusable on the Galaxy Watch 4.

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