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Can't find a carrier for my new Galaxy Watch 4

(Topic created: 09-29-2021 02:54 PM)
Galaxy Watch

I bought the Watch 4 on a trial basis. I've discovered my carrier does not support wearables.  Per my research none of the discounted carriers do.  I have 2 phones with  U.S. mobile for $30/mo. unlimited talk/text/data including fees.  So far none of the less expensive carriers like Metro (for Tmobile) support wearables.  I'll have to switch to a different plan and want to have one that includes taxes and fees so I don't get a bill that is twice what I thought it would be.

So far I have not found an inexpensive plan  that supports Galaxy 4 (or any wearable).  I want to be sure I resolve this before my return by date.   Suggestions appreciated.  Thanks!

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