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Changes needed for Samsung watches SW - urgently pleaded

(Topic created: 02-16-2024 08:26 PM)
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Dear office of the President Official,
There are a number of suggestions that I would like to make. They would be very fundamentally helpful for people.

Since this pertains health, I will be clear. I've used iPhones for the last 7 years, and now I'm testing & considering transitioning to Samsung as I bought your phone(not activated yet) & watch.
1) Very seriously, Please make it so that it doesn't delay notifying the User of a low heart rate until assesses if one is "resting".
 - I can tell whether or not I'm going to be at rest.  I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to choose that if I wish to have the 'sensing off', then I waive any safety issues you may be worried about in having that process off!
 - At least make it so that the user can toggle that off. If it is at override & you're concerned about some liability, then just have it ask the user periodically if the user wants to have it sensing if User is resting. 
User flexibility been used for a long time on heart rate assessment - I used a polar watch for 23 years that would assess the user's heart's health-conditioning before it recommended what range the user should exercise in. If one chose to not have it bother with the 10 min assessment, then you could just jump right into having it measure heart rate. So please don't delay an effective component by lack of knowing it (toggling off) has been around for quite some time to have that great user-flexibility active for your watches. 
 - If I need to assess my heart for the good of my life by measuring the heart rate immediately, then it is based upon some symptoms that I am concerned about. Thus, it is completely prudent to have this as an option - that is, to toggle off the time-consuming process that delays it's notifying low-pulse until after it does it's continual testing to determine if the user is at rest. 
- Are you actually really meaning: "is the User wanting to have it measure heart rate while at rest"? as compared to if the user is does not want it measured while exercising? Or does one want it to measure while sleeping? Aren't those the choices that you mean to ask?
2) Please also provide some better tones that are even obnoxious to catch someone and make them more alerted to a concern If one's heart rate goes down too low (that is my issue), then wouldn't the User really want the watch to make a bothersome noise to get my attention to alert the user?!!
My choice to be communicating with the "Office of the President" on this matter is extremely important, because it is just inadequately responding for my needs. It waits so long in its 'determining if the User is at rest', that it pathetically & infrequently buzzes me to tell me my heart rate is low. don't have a standard Customer Service Rep. contact me as I've spoken with a dozen of them. Please have a top brass person respond. 
Would the kind official reading this, please know that watch has been very helpful to determine this problem, and it is very correlated in my diagnosing this condition in my life
 If I'm going to be at rest. I can just simply tell the watch that I'm at rest; "I'm gonna click it on and say I'm at rest". Or choose 'that I'm gonna be resting by putting it in Sleep mode. Otherwise, it should be able to alert me when (as in my case) continually of low pulse. If I'm about to exercise, then I can just tell it to not notify for low heart rate. Conversely, unless I tell it not to and that I would want it to go into assessment mode (the way you have it consistently now), it should notify me all the time, and be helpful in that fashion.
 Dear officials, please understand that I bought the watch because of its heart rate (health) functionality to help my health. I bought a Samsung phone to go along with this watch even though I have an iPhone. If this works then I would consider transitioning. So if it can't manage to beep (notify ) me appropriately, then what good is all of it? Then this has all been a waste of money in the disguise of technology. And seriously, I believe you guys don't mean to do so. Please just make it, so that it can notify me without wasting the assessment time, which can be very time-elaborate. It already can know when I will be going to sleep (at rest). Otherwise, it should stay active in notifying me of low heart rate. Already, I can set up it for Night/sleep mode for when I'm sleeping.
Note: If you need someone to Beta test new releases, then I can be of help to do that. It would be an honor to help out in this development process. When I do cardio I usually push myself to above the target level, so I can offer testing in both ends of the spectrum. I am not technologically-challenged. Rather, as in the case of the Polar SmartWatch of 25 years ago, I am forward thinking. I believe that it is essential to take advantage of technology (even lead the way in a pioneering spirit) to make life better for people!!
Most Respectfully, Mr. Blair
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Thank you for your interest in sharing your idea with Samsung. We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.