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Connecting to a WPA2 PEAP MSCHAPV2 Wifi Connection



So I just bought a Galaxy Watch and so far I love it, I got the LTE model and the spot that it would be connected to the WPA2 PEAP MSCHAPV2 wifi is also a time where it is tethered to my phone so I wouldn't think that it would be much of an issue however it would be nice to get the watch to connect the wifi on campus. 

When I try to connect it just gives me the option to change the EAP from AKA to SIM which I tried both and no change happened. I tried to connect to the 'open' wifi hotspot but that requires you to log in to a website page after connecting so it will initially connect then say that the login method is not supported.


I have read that you are supposed to be able to 'sync' the wifi profiles from your phone to the galaxy watch and I seem to have all the settings set up for that. Just go into Samsung wearables, click the watch then click sync to phone and then click the sync wifi settings but that doesn't seem to change anything.


The settings required to connect on an android phone is 

EAP Method: PEAP


Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPV2


CA Authentication: Do Not Check


But this does not seem to be an option to set up on the watch. Please help if possible!


I have tried to reboot both devices and nothing helps, is it just not possible to connect the device to this type of network? If not why? It's possible in android so it should be possible on this watch.