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Converting to an Active2, looking for "accurate" caloric burn for workouts (HiiT and strength)

As the title states, I'm converting to an Active2 today. I don't run anymore and really just work out, and want to focus more on the bells and whistles of a smart watch, so I understand I may lose a little.


My understanding is that the Samsung Health workout tracking doesn't take into account heart rate for caloric burn, which is something I value. It looks like what I need to do is get either Gear Tracker or Sporty Watch, track workouts with that, link to Strava, which sends the calories burned to Samsung Health. Is that correct? Is there a better way or something more/else I should be doing? What about tracking normal every day burn? It seems silly to have all day HRM on and not use that data.


Any other general advice is welcome and appreciated. I don't rely on the watch for hard metrics, but do think it's valuable to track trends, and I like to see what my workouts and general daily activity burn.