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Custom Notification, Hour-Chime sounds

I am writing to request the ability to customize the notification and hourly-chime sounds for the Galaxy Watch.  At current, users can add custom sounds for the watch's ringtones, but they cannot use those sounds for notifications or the hourly chime.   Nearly all devices allow users to custom-set such capabilities and this would seem to be a simple feature to add.


Someone has mentioned that there is a paid app in the Galaxy store which allows this feature.  That app essentially functions as a workaround and is not really a viable option:  currently, for it to work, the user must disable the watch's native notification volume:  this means other native watch features that depend upon the notification volume, such as the alarm, will no longer work.  The user must then purchase a custom alarm app (such as the one conveniently sold by the same developer who makes the custom notification app mentioned here!).  It seems that Samsung, as the OEM, is the only entity who can provide this feature request as a properly functioning option.  I would also like to point out--politely--that based on other users' comments, this feature request is almost a year old (if not older).


So, Samsung...please?



Re: Custom Notification, Hour-Chime sounds

Pls someone reply on this, I also need this feature. Really annoying.