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DND and whatsapp notification/favorites contanct

Hi everyone,

I just bought a galaxy watch active, i find it perfect for what i need. My real only problem is with notification while my phone is in DND. I have some favorite contacts i'd like to get notification from on phone  and watch (with a vibration) despite Do Not Disturb. So far if a sync DND on both devices i get calls and messages with default samsung application (phone and messages), but i can't get notification with whatsapp or telegram (on phone DND setting works fine, on my watch on the contrary no vibration, just the icon of a notification). I have tried not syncing phone and watch but nothing changed

I have tried as well to make whatsapp message override do not disturb, that works on the phone not on the watch. 

Right now the only working solution i found is silencing conversation in normal mode, and that makes my watch vibrates only with what i want, but that is far from being the solution i was looking for.

Does anyone have a better solution?