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Defective strap link rant

So I purchased a samsung galaxy watch (46mm) on August 9. I recently went swimming and decided to try out the water resistant feature. I came out of the water and guess what, its gone. So there I was panicking about losing a 500 dollar watch. I searched for it for like half a day. No luck. I called Samsung and got switched to like 3 different department to see if they could help me out. I told them that a brand new watch shouldnt easily fall out while swimming (I own different watches, never had a problem with swimming before), explained to them that I noticed that the link was loose. Now in their defence I did notice that the strap on it was kinda loose ahead of time (compared to the galaxy watch active that my gf owns anyway) but I didnt think it was that big of a deal because it never dropped on me once so I didnt call ahead. They basically told me that they cant do anything because I didnt buy it directly from Samsung. I own multiple samsung products and this is the first time Samsung dissapointed me. Especially after me basically begging them for help. Moral of the story ((DONT SWIM WITH YOUR ESPENSIVE WATCH AS WELL AS CALL THEM RIGHT AWAY WITH ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT)). I just learned a very expensive lesson. I thought warranty would cover defective products but I guess not.